Buskitechture in Helsinki, Day 3

The weekend was cold and rainy so I took a few days off. I busked very briefly on Saturday but it was windy and bloody freezing. There were a lot of people in Senaatintori (the square in front of the church I did will in the first day) but I doubt many could hear me well. After half an hour I called it a day, mostly because I didn’t want to keep NanO waiting, as we were walking about the city together that day. She sang with me for the first few songs, but didnt know the other ones, unfortunately.

It was Helsinki Day (6.12.10) and for some reason that meant there was an enormous Samba parade through the city center. A tiny, expensive arts fair, too. A lot of buskers were out on the street, but all doing quite badly from the looks of things.

Random thoughts from the day: decorate my case! Maybe draw on the cover? Paint? Get a costume?

Earnings: €5, half an hour
Song of the Day: I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

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