Buskitechture in Helsinki, Day 6

So of course location isnt everything. So is timing. In my first half hour in Senaatintori today (6.16.10) I got absolutely nothing. I stuck with it for another 45 minutes and fared much better. Well better than nothing, which is infinitely better, eh? A couple decided to take some photographs in the square and I sang them I Will Follow You Into the Dark. The day lightened as it progressed so that probably had something to do with my luck. Again it was mostly younger people who liked my playing and stopped to sit and listen. One teenage couple stayed the whole time, and told me “Good playing.” They sang along to Mrs. Robinson and seemed very happy to hear and watch me.

Earnings: €10.20, 1.25 hours
Song of the Day: Mrs. Robinson – Simion & Garfunkel

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