What, I write songs too? Part I

Exciting news! After much, much struggling here at the Copenhagen Royal Library, I’ve figured out how to remotely host sound files! So check back through the older posts.

I’ve uploaded:

I’m Yours
Sunday Morning
To Be Alone With You
Gotta Have You
Fly Me to the Moon
Here Comes the Sun
Hey Ya
Relax, Take it Easy
Your Song
The Boxer
Ue Wo Muite Arukou

Please excuse the sound quality and the occasional offness of my voice and guitar (and the up and down tempo…) these are all done in single takes when I had a chance… and you’d be surprised how much more difficult it is to sing to a recorder.

So in the spirit of this blog I’m also uploading the first song I ever wrote, almost exactly a year ago. I’ll be uploading the other ones as I record them. Have pity on this one, too. It was the first, after all, hm? Lyrics below, link here.

Now with You

I’d wondered if my loneliness,
Was fate as much as choice.
Then I found you, and hope returned,
With the crystal of your voice.

I want to keep this rush alive,
But it comes and goes so fast.
When I’m with you, it takes me whole,
So I’ll revel in it while it lasts.

I know that things might be complex,
But I’m willing to see them through.
We can talk forever about whenever,
But I just want now with you.

We could cook a meal, go out to eat,
Or sit and chat with tea.
If we see the movies or the stars,
It’s the same if you’re with me.


If I could write a simple song,
I’d write it sweet and true.
And save it for a lazy day,
Just to sing to you.


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