Sustained by Surplus, Sun, and Songs in Stamsund, Part III

As such, I woke past noon (7.15.10). I’ll concede the sun was a little stronger then: all the people I’d met the night before were relaxing out on the picnic table outside the hostel – one woman had taken the same trains all the way from Bergen and amusedly noted that I slept a lot. I partook of some free muesli, eggs and milk and against insistent warnings from those at the table – as my only shoes are Sanüks, rather tractionless and it had just rained – and went for a quick hike up the opposing mountain.

Looks small but it’s five hundred meters!

There were some sketchy bits, especially on the way down, but that made it all the more amusing. Unfortunately the batteries for Ragnvald’s camera died when I reached the summit and I’d forgotten to bring water… I returned, took out the rowboat for a lazy jaunt about the harbor (with odd memories of crew) and took a nap. Yea. More sleep. I woke to familiar voices, looked out the window and was rather surprised to see my train companions eating outside. We had quite the hilarious – “You!” – reunion outside and they shared their ample dinner with me. Seeing as I’d rested quite well, we stayed up rather “late” once again.

We took my guitar to the top of the rocky hillock behind the hostel and played for rather a while. Good practice for me to try songs on demand. Olivier is quite the Jack Johnson fan, so I began teaching him Better Together, and Miran was entranced by Hey Ya. The mosquitoes were a touch annoying, but the scenery and company made up for it.

Olivier and Zebra

The four.

Et moi.

Song of the Day: Better Together – Jack Johnson

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