Copping Out in Copenhagen (København), Day 5.5

Inside the Frederiksberg Library I was somewhat appalled to see this:

Look at the right edge

Not the gaming center, exactly – I’m not sure how I feel about that, yet – it’s cool but seems counter productive. I’m shocked to see Grand Theft Auto even offered at a library, and here it wasn’t just offered… it was the only game you could play at the station. I spent today (7.30.10) as a much needed rest day – most of it in the library or writing letters. The only reason this day warrants a post stems from the evening, when I sang and recorded a few songs for Camilla, the girl living in the flat and employed by DIS. She’s absurdly stylish (bleach blonde pixie cut, olive skin, white teeth, gorgeous scarves, interesting patterned jackets, cheung sam inspired dresses with hints of paisley) and particularly loved my rendition of Hello. Really, I wanted a reason to post it.

I spent the evening cleaning the hell out of the kitchen (the Yalies living there had succeeded only in sullying it further). Being in the flat reminded me all the reasons I’m glad to be quit of Yale – I don’t at all miss the one-upping (in cool factor), the drinking environment where the “thing” to do is “go out” and “get wasted” and one is “lame” if one doesn’t join. I don’t miss the cleanliness issue and the passive aggressiveness that comes with it. I don’t miss the pretentious conversations about famous authors and big ideas and medical school… Anyways, unfortunately my cleaning instincts went largely unrewarded – the next day Camilla didn’t allow me to take all the food others left me. But I did manage to escape with just enough to survive out the rest of my stay in the city.

Song of the Day: Hello – Lionel Richie

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