What, I write songs too? Part III

I think I’m rather overdue for musical update. As always my recordings are one takes so apologies (this time I seemed rather more prone than ever to rushing… ah well). I’m slowly figuring out how far to stand from the recording thing, but I still haven’t managed to fiddle with the device to stop the high notes from sounding strained. Since I’m home I figure I’ll try to update as many missing Songs of the Day as I can, so expect quite a few musical updates in short order. I realize I’m still a year behind on my originals, which is no good, eh?

I’ve uploaded:

House of God, Forever
I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
Mad World
The Mario Kart Love Song
Painting By Chagall

I wrote the following song after a particularly.. haunting visit a year ago, when I felt terribly inept. Link here.

Purple Dress

Follow me, circular,
Up spiral steps in sickly light.
Relax your lips, your eyes, your cheeks,
Let the weight you hold fall on me.

Your purple dress in sharp relief,
On the dirty blue of my couch.
You whisper strained, “I’m too good for this,”
I know, but I can’t show you.

It’s not my place.
It’s not my place.
It’s not my place.
It’s not my… my place.
Not my… my place.

A single tear crawls down your face,
And I can only watch it.
Your shoulder trembles beneath my palm.
I just want to pull you tight…


I ask if I can sing for you,
Or if you need to be held.
You shake your head with a little smile.
Your eyes dry up, and you wall yourself away from me.


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