What, I write songs too? Part IV

More covers and an original. I think standing further away from the dinky recorder thingy has helped my strainedness. That and being outside – something about singing outdoors makes me do better. Course lots of problems still around but feh. And I’m rushing less!

I’ve uploaded:

Stand By Me
Let it Be
Fake Plastic Trees
Better Together

The original song I’m including was written a year ago, also. Sort of the culmination of my (rather morose) summer quartet. I’m happy to say I think the lyrics speak for themselves. Link here.

Someone New

You said you needed time away from him
Before you could think of me.
You said that you could see how good I am,
So I hung on to hope for us.

I guess I’m glad you’re moving on,
That someone new has caught your eye.
I understand he’s changed your mind,
But I don’t get: why he’s not me.

I know I fall too fast and too deep,
But I had faith that you’d find me.
I thought I was quite a catch. I was so sure
There was no way you’d pass me by.


I heard that patient love moves,
But maybe just not mine.
I didn’t want to hold you back,
And now I see I never could.


I just don’t get why he’s not me.
No I don’t get why he’s not me.

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