Wait, Gaines(ville), Day 2

I am allergic to my house. This is a problem. Simply put, I can’t record, sing, write, or really focus on much of anything when I’m busy sneezing and hacking up my throat all the time. That and I’m not entirely well yet – but progressing happily along. I’ve noticed quite the direct correlation between weight and temperature sensitivity. While in 10 degrees celsius weather in Norway I felt a bit cold with a hoodie on, but really only when standing still for a while. Here in Gainesville when it dipped to 77 degrees fahrenheit outside I felt frozen. Amusing, mm? (Avoided the “eh,” there). I’ve regained half my errant weight and crested back over 120 pounds, so things look good.

Much of that weight gainage owes to my unrestrainable need for a creative outlet. With music and drawing subjects limited, the readily available kitchen suffered my adventurous spirit for a few weeks. As I don’t particularly enjoy dessert or deep-fried foods, my mission largely rode on volume, cream, and oil. For whatever reason I cooked vegetarian a few nights, which threatened to hamper the realization of my goal, but a generous thickening of the cucumber/mushroom/onion sauce with sour cream and an improvised eggplant parmesan flash fried in copious amounts of oil saved these possibly disastrous nights.

My main take-away from life at home, however, is a feeling of gratefulness for not having a laptop. It’s phenomenal how much time evaporates with even the best intentions as soon as one plops in front of a screen. While I’ve certainly spent a fair bit of time on others laptops and have often felt the need for ready internet quite keenly, it’s all worked out much better sans l’ordinateur. I’m clearly fossilizing at a very fast rate, sending letters by post (many of which never reached their intended destinations – a large culprit being the Polish Postal service), preferring ground transit to air, feeling loathe to enjoy phone or computer usages – and, well, I like the dirt.

Song of the Day: Libertà – Pep’s

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