What, I write songs too? Part V

Well, Brent’s been the main sufferer of my mild cold. But he snores his fair share too so I don’t have too much sympathy.

I’ve uploaded:

High and Dry
Exit Music (For a Film)

I plan to re-record Exit Music a full step down in full voice, but.. later.

The outro of this song needs serious assistance (yay for Maria in advance!), but I’m pleased with the way the concept panned out. Mostly. 5 4 3 2 1 is a sort of calming exercise my counselor in Vancouver taught me – a way to get back to oneself in the now, really feel and inhabit the presence. You name five things you see, one at a time, concentrating on nothing else but the seeing of that thing. When you say in your head “I see the chair,” really see the chair, feel it with your eyes like you’re drawing it. Then five things you hear, then five you feel. Four of each, three, etc. Repeating the same thing is fine – just choose the first thing you notice for that sense.

Falsetto balance an issue :(. On an interesting side note, I wrote this song misguidedly convincing myself it was directed with completely platonic intent. A few days later that notion was thoroughly disabused. Link here.

5 4 3 2 1

Look here, stay here,
Don’t fall in your head.
See me, hear me,
Feel now instead.

See five, brilliant green
In the still on your floor.
Hear four crickets chirp.
Feel the air fill your core.

Come out, come back down from your cloud,
And see the wood beneath you sway.
Hear my voice flying high.
Feel your heart beat, and you won’t float away.

See three, royal blue
In the warmth of your sheets.
Hear two boots on stone.
Feel the covers hug your feet.


Count one, singing soft.
Sing loud with me.
Be now, know here.
Sing one, sing one.

See five, hear four, feel three, sing two, know one.
See five, hear four, feel three, sing two, know one.
You’re back on the ground.

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