What, I write songs too? Part VI

So I try to wait to post my songs after having recorded a couple of covers to along, but I haven’t been able to do even that, recently – after the party at Kirk’s – where I drank glass after glass of water – I inexplicably obtained a very dry, scratchy throat. Drinking water makes it feel scratchier – hmm.. maybe it’s the chlorine, then? I dunno. Regardless, I’ve been working away at a happy song (wait, what?) by humming in my head as other singing comes out rather strangled sounding.

That happy song isn’t this one. Seeing as this one embodies the antonym of that adjective. I wrote it last January after an undeniable realization. The post that preceded the lyrics (which I wrote first) in my journal was quite appropriately: “Fuck. Really?”

Maria’s helping me work on the backing instrumentals – we’re going to see how piano works for it. I recorded it at the same time as my last one, and so the falsetto…

Link here.


I miss everything about you.
You piercing eyes deepened with concern for me.
Running my hands soft and slow upon you.
Memorizing every breath, every finger, every curve.

You spoke my thoughts before I even knew them.
Each yearning of your heart snared mine.
Hold you tight and everything else blurs and fades away.
Your smile, your pout, your cynical laugh.

But I can’t miss you.
Though I try to quit you.
My lies caress you.
I still love you.

Time dilated ever since I met you.
Each second stolen – precious weeks in our little world.
I glowed with joy whenever you let me know you.
But I miss most the way you could destroy me with a glance.


And I don’t want to let you go.

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