What, I write songs too? Part VIII

The last months have been a bit thick with the song posts, but I think that’s alright, hm?

I’ve uploaded:

Fast Car
Tears in Heaven
Sound of Silence
Falling Slowly
Brighter than Sunshine
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I started this song last May but only finished it a few days back. The melody and initial verses came from a dream I had and were stuck in my head rather a while. As such, I’m hoping they’re actually mine… There’s actually a message in the lyrics (not a code but they allude to something) – so I wonder what you think they’re directed at. Link here.

Squirrel Song

I see a little girl,
And in her lonely eyes,
There is a little world,
With clearer brighter skies.

And I hear a little bird,
And he’s singing me to sleep.
A love song without words,
That he’s singing me to keep.

Singin’ La la la la la. La la la la la la.
La la la la la. La la la la la la.

Now perhaps it sounds absurd,
But in that melody,
I chanced upon a verse,
That I joined in harmony.

When a creature small and furred,
Added lyrics right in time,
Spitting diction seldom heard,
Steeped in reasoned, witty rhyme.


Well we rambled o’er the earth,
In sickness and in health.
Spreading laughter, spreading mirth,
To those of little wealth.

Our dragon’s wings unfurled,
And flew us to the moon,
Where a cowboy tall and spurred,
Hummed to our merry tune.


Now a large part of me yearned,
To stay forever there,
Where no one would be spurned,
For the color of their hair.

Then something in me stirred,
As I gazed around the scene,
So I smiled until the birds,
Came and roused me from my dream.


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