What, I write songs too? Part XII

I began writing Stamsund quite a while after leaving Norway, in Istanbul. Sickness, notes and poems from Stamsund itself and the feel of going to mosques all contributed to the feel – a pace I’ll probably add more motion to. I think the general feel of Poland and Turkey colored this one strongly, and the skies that reminded me of many things both positive and not throughout my travels.

Bonus points if you can identify the movie that, in retrospect, may have inspired the lyrics – though not at all intentionally.

Link here.


I’ve been to a place
Where the sun never sets.
Life moves at a slower pace,
And gives my voice a rest.

But like that lonely sun,
Hanging aching in the sky.
Though my body recovered some,
My feelings wouldn’t die.

Maybe Summer never ends
And with it never love.
Maybe I’ll just hover,
In circles forever up above.

I’m still on the road
People say I’m free.
Wandering the globe,
They say the envy me.

But each new face I greet,
Calls back to one I’ve known.
Though I sing on busy streets,
Each night I sleep alone.

Will Autumn ever come.
And with it let me fall,
Or will I keep on flying,
In circles and never move at all.

No matter how I sound,
Each time I perform
Couples gather round,
And keep each other warm.

I know I should find hope,
In the shimmering of their eyes
But I know if my sun goes,
A new one wouldn’t rise.

Tell me why won’t Summer end?
And with it let me love.
Tell me will I wander
In circles forever up above.

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