Done For in Denver, Day 2

Unlike in Poland, where my “prolonged” absence – prolonged for my mother, who was convinced I’d been killed, or jailed or something – was due to inability to access the internet and events so intense I had to take a while to process them, here in Denver the lack of posts owes to a lack of events and an excess of internet. Over the last few weeks, Maria and I have been perfecting my originals for recording, which began this past Saturday. Naturally, that leaves no time for busking et al. I’ve hardly left her house, actually. We’ve run into rather the gamut of problems. I think we’ve spent more time fighting with the software than actually recording. That and my allergies or asthma or something have decided that this is the perfect time to rear their heads.

That said, I’d like to share a quick live recording we did just to show the quality difference between it and my rough ones earlier. This cover, of MGMT’s Kids earned me one of my memorable experiences in Vienna, when a lovely twenty something girl engaged me in conversation, sharing her blog with me and sending me some music.

We have a few more days to complete recording for both my record and Maria’s arrangements. If all goes smoothly from here out I’ll have the components necessary for a EP. Don’t be alarmed, now, this investment serves my busking designs. Money’s been so absurdly difficult throughout my trip (and actually impossible in the States) that I’ve decided to make something to sell to keep the journey going. Most professional buskers make the majority of their profits off of CD sales. Now that I’ll have hopefully two records to sell, one original EP and one of live covers, I hope to be able to continue the journey for many months to come.

Song of the Day: Kids – MGMT

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