A Gain in Gainesville, Day 1.5

I tend to forget to take photographs while home (or when I was at Yale, for that matter). Two of my cousins visited Gainesville for the days leading up to Christmas, and we took them wandering about to see it. Now, as my friends Laura and Christine have averred, Gainesville is such a pathetic little town that when a new Publix (grocery store) opens, everyone’s talking about it and visiting it and such. One thing we do have going for us, however, is a very distinct and relatively unspoilt ecosystem which I’ve largely taken for granted or despised for its effects on my sinuses. Through grade school “exploring” these creeks and parks with Laura and later Shannon was one of favorite pastimes. Carrie and Karen were likely natured out by the end of their four day stay. I’ll let an abbreviated photo essay explain from here.

Elementary schooler: “Is that the Gator Parking Lot, Daddy?” Paynes Prairie.

Devil’s Millhoper.

Karen at Biven’s Arm.

Biven’s Arm.

Poe Springs.


Baughman Center, Lake Alice.


One thought on “A Gain in Gainesville, Day 1.5

  1. you are really damn lucky–such lovely treeeeeeeeees.and aren't you not supposed to get allergies if you grew up around wild things? =(pengwin's a total winner but HOWWW


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