Sin Un Tono (Melodía) en San Antonio, Day 0.5

I think I’ll let this be a short post about San Antonio. The morning of my arrival I called about ten different numbers in sequence only to discover that busking is strictly prohibited (arresting) all over the downtown area. When I walked around the riverwalk I further discovered that although it’s technically under park jurisdiction, this helps me none – rather than arrests the penalty is a $500 fine. Playing in the Mercado incurs a similar reprimand.

I’ll detail the highlights of my short stay. The train arrived in San Antonio just past two in the morning. A local I met on the bus graciously offered to help a fellow traveller and me kill the time till dawn. He took us in his Ram 1500 to a middle of nowhere Taco stand open till 4, the best tacos in the city in his view. Then a tour around downtown and south town where he hoped to reopen his “Bunsen Burgers” restaurant, noting the galleries as we passed (also a film maker) before dropping our comrade back at the station to catch his connection and then me to my couchsurfers doorstep. His incredible kindness proved typical of the town.

San Pedro Park.

Apparently a prison in olden times, as related to me by a powerfully built Apache man who found me “very pretty.” Looks like a hobbit house to me.

San Antonio abounds in delightful public art.

Zebra on the Riverwalk.

You don’t have to be an art major to see the, ah, symbolism here.

The complaints lodged by the policemen I spoke with weren’t entirely ridiculous – should there be street performers all around the Alamo or on the Riverwalk, gathering crowds around, one wouldn’t be able to wheel one’s grandma there eh? They already have a stipulation that no building may cast a shadow upon the former mission.

I can read the date. That’s about it. Help?

Nothing says Alamo like koi fish.

Funky reflections.

Got carried away and drew this. Will post later.

My host, Nathan, lived in a style which I couldn’t decide was despicable or admirable – hardly any computer usage, raising chickens and a garden in his backyard and wearing torn clothing. He and his friends were very kind throughout – though the dog and cat he kept (and the dogs of his friends) seem to have induced my sinuses into a bit of a panicked state. It seems everyone in San Antonio has a dog. I was told once that one of the strangest things of “civilized” society is the prevalence of pampered pets coexisting with the uncared for homeless.

Song of the Days: Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel

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