Housed in Houston, Day 0.5

For some reason my voice has been absolutely wrecked since I left Austin. Ironically, that night Bram helped me learn how to sing better – reminded about the importance of breath support etc. I didn’t play at all in my short stay with my older brother in Houston, mostly staying in and sort of recuperating. Houston’s massive, massive sprawl and lack of downtown-ness means no busking, really, and add to that the propensity for Houston officials to arrest buskers… Let’s just say I don’t fancy couchsurfing in state facilities.

The two and a half days I stayed in his apartment were nice and slow. Kevin took me to some truly excellent eateries hidden amongst the massive sprawl of the state sized city. That’s one thing that runs strong from my father – a love of food. A bowl of pho, some sesame balls, an almond cookie, excellent tamales of all kinds, strip mall ethiopian fare, rustic European food (one of the best meals I’ve ever had at a startingly low price) and of course, Whataburger. I read a few books, learned some songs, and met Kevin’s girlfriend. On the day I left he took me to the massive Hermann Park. We rode the kiddie train.

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