Honolulu State of Mind, Day 2

Duane took me with a couple of other couchsurfers, Dan and Paolo, to Hanauma Bay for some beautiful snorkeling. We drove into some nice lookouts along the way. Foremost in my mind flies the incredible wave clipping Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Makapu’u Point. He brought us to a very windy lookout at Pali and the Blowhole on the way there, so much faster by car than bus. I

I walked to the Doctors on Call health clinic the following day to figure out the problem with my voice, which led me to their ER and then to their ENT department, where after sticking a camera down my throat the doctor professed me completely fine. I suppose they’re all used to vog, as none of them even mentioned it as a possible cause. I bought the acid reflux meds and took the opportunity of being ferried downtown to look around. So much nicer than Waikiki, with a friendly layout for a local feel. I particularly loved the Capitol building. Such a stark contrast from the ostentatious and cold Texas capitol, the Hawai’i capitol has no security whatsoever, walkways open to the outside air and courtyard, is open all day on all floors save the executive floor, looks absolutely beautiful in a design that reflects the nature of the islands, and in the elevator I saw a bunch of lively signs like you’d find in a college dorm, advertising “polynesian heritage potluck! hosted by representative ___”. Wonderful.

I wandered into Chinatown to ask at each of the bars/cafes there about playing. All of them wanted my card and time to get back to me except one, Hank’s Cafe, where I’d land a gig for the following night. But most naggingly memorable from the entire day wasn’t getting the gig, but speaking with – no just seeing – the bartender who helped me get it. Kulei, I discovered later. The most heart stoppingly beautiful face I’ve ever seen, wide bright eyes and an open host smile with a darling Hawaiian accent. So dazzled was I that I returned more times for the hope of seeing her again, but I’m leaving today, a week, later, and still I have seen her just the once.

The gig itself was quite disorganized, but fun nonetheless. I played unamplified as Hank didn’t show at 6:30 or 7:00 with mics and the bartender (a kind portly woman, alas!) did not know where to find them. I decided then to ignore the yuckiness in my throat as having nothing to do with my vocal chords and got through an hour and a bit singing many of my own songs on the request of the customers – regulars all. One, Lani, decided to call me WM for wandering minstrel. But though I sang for the two chief patrons requests they tipped me not. Through the whole time I sang only ten or so people wandered through. Happily the last of these, two girls and an enthusiastic guy, really dug my music. The guy requested Flake for one of his friends as “her favorite song ever.” When they heard my Stamsund all three listened and watched rapt, and he tipped me a fiver. A couple falsetto covers later (which they requested and enjoyed) they left and I swapped places with the incoming couple of musicians setting up for the night.

Earnings: $15.00, 1.2 hours
Song of the Day: Stamsund – Terrence Ho

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