Southron finances

Thanks to the staying home earning of moneys, which is largely nominal as most came from gifts and my mother’s payment for painting/moving things in the family room, I “broke even” once again, especially if you discount the foray to Houston. But that’s cheating. What that means is that over the two months since quitting Gainesville, I leaked money very slowly indeed, relying as strongly as ever on the goodwill and generosity of friends and couchsurfing hosts. Anyway, what I’ve tried to do in each of these finances post is lay out precisely what I spent and then make excuses to discount particular sums so I can feel like I broke even… when, of course, I didn’t. Not once. Busking with such a humdrum act as mine and meaning to travel with the income requires less wanderlust. If I remained places longer I’d make back the airfares and trainfares but I’m always itching to go on, trying to loop around by the end of May. Anyhow, do enjoy the numbers laid out below. As I’ve done since the beginning I’m keeping the running tally of total net from Day 1 of busking, but as I’ve noted this number is actually rather larger – my mother ate the cost of my emergency flight home, I considered my trip to Stamsund as my graduation gift to myself and so discounted it and took it out of “savings,” etc. I am constantly torn between spending from savings and enjoying myself a bit more or hoarding like mad and getting as close to that hallowed ability to say, truthfully, “I broke even.” So here I’m admitting I haven’t. And from this point on I won’t mean to – if I do, that is well, if I don’t I’ll simply finish up this bit of my journey. It’s too tiring, anyways. Much of the sheen and exultation has faded.

Gainesville, FL:

Tripod: $10.94
Christmas presents: $15.00
Merch/card paper: $7.64
Website: $10.35
Greyhound to New Orleans: $87.20
Change fee: $15.00

Total: 146.13
Earnings: $568.00, Poster
Net: +$421.87

SOUTHRON NET: +$421.87
TOTAL NET: +$45.37

New Orleans, LA:

Water: $1.56
Streetcar tickets: $4.00
Train to San Antonio: $59.50

Total: $65.06
Earnings: $76.08
Net: +$11.02

SOUTHRON NET: +$432.89
TOTAL NET: +$56.39

San Antonio, TX:

Taquitos: $2.50
Breakfast Tacos: $5.00
Food: $2.00
Train to Austin: $10.20

Total: $19.70
Earnings: $0.00
Net: -$19.70

SOUTHRON NET: +$413.29
TOTAL NET: +$36.79

Austin, TX:

Bus tickets: $5.00
Guitar Strings: $5.94
Bus to Houston: $22.28
Bulgogi Burger: $5.73

Total: $38.95
Earnings: $66.97
Net: +$28.02

SOUTHRON NET: +$441.31
TOTAL NET: +$64.81

Houston, TX:

Food: $2.34
Train to Tucson: $102.00

Total: $104.54
Earnings: $0.00
Net: -$104.54

SOUTHRON NET: +$336.77
TOTAL NET: -$39.73

Tucson, AZ:

Train to Los Angeles: $33.54

Total: $33.54
Earnings: $29.50
Net: -$4.04

SOUTHRON NET: +$332.73
TOTAL NET: -$43.77

Los Angeles, CA:

Busses: $3.00
Flight to Honolulu: $172.20

Total: $175.20
Earnings: $21.87, Video, Pasta Bolognese
Net: -$153.33

SOUTHRON NET: +$179.40
TOTAL NET: -$197.10

O’ahu, HI:

Bus x8: $20.00
Hostel x2: $40.00
Hanauma Bay: $7.50
Groceries: $18.21
Spam Musubi x2: $3.72
Flight to Sydney: $341.30

Total: $430.73
Earnings: $182.86
Net: -$247.87

SOUTHRON NET excepting Houston: +$36.07
TOTAL NET: -$444.97
TOTAL NET excepting Houston: -$340.43
Total Net excepting nothing: -$2331.90

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