What, I write songs too? Part XVI

There’s a silver to the silence
In the linings of our minds,
And it glimmers in the distance
From forgiveness we can’t find.

But my earnest words go sighing,
Into shadows pressing in.
Now the sound of friendship dying
Echoes static with no end.

Your message holds no emotion,
Still I dangle on the phone.
Like a ribbon on an ocean
Adrift and sinking past the tone.

In each empty conversation
There’s still music kept at bay.
For they lack that quiet patience,
Dripping false notes of our days.


Our seams dissolve below us
Tearing every word apart.
Trust withers quite unnoticed,
Swift as starlight in the dark… in the dark.

There’s no silver in the silence
In the space after the beep.
I saw it die out in the distance
With the friendship we couldn’t keep.


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