Eastern Bloc

Nick said all things considered I did pretty well up to Japan. In Asia I think I did alright, too, considering I busked but twice. I knew it wouldn’t be lucrative (it wasn’t) and I’m also damned tired of it. Here in San Francisco I haven’t even headed out for a busk yet. I believe it’s time to move on. To what, though?


Trains and Metros: ¥6,112
Food: ¥5,594
Bus to 大阪: ¥4,900

Total: ¥16,606
Earnings: ¥750
Net: -¥15,856

ASIA NET: -¥15,856
TOTAL NET: -¥53,307


Trains and Metros: ¥2,700
Food: ¥3,205
Locker: ¥800
Entrance Fees: ¥750
Printing: ¥20
Given to Ryan: ¥25
Flight to 臺北市: ¥17,150 (23,150)

Total: ¥24,650
Earnings: ¥0
Net: -¥24,650

ASIA NET: -¥40,506
TOTAL NET: -¥77,957


Trains and Metros: 515 TWD
Food: 2,795 TWD
Shoes & socks: 568 TWD
Flight to Republik Singapura: 4,825 TWD

Total: 8,703 TWD
Earnings: 0 TWD
Net: -8,703 TWD

ASIA NET: -23,255 TWD
TOTAL NET: -36,710 TWD

Republik Singapora

Trains and Metros: 7.60 SGD
Food: 19.50 SGD
Left Luggage: 9.63 SGD
Flight to Jakarta: 48.00 SGD

Total: 84.73 SGD
Earnings: 0 SGD
Net: -84.73 SGD

ASIA NET: -1079.98 SGD
TOTAL NET: -1655.81 SGD


Food: 242,500 IDR
Entrance Fees: 193,000 IDR
DVDs: 21,000 IDR
Given to Bapak Misran: 33,500 IDR
Flight to Republik Singapura: 239,000 IDR
Flight to 香港: 957,000 IDR

Total: 1,686,000 IDR
Earnings: 0 IDR
Net: -1,686,000 IDR

ASIA NET: -9,153,500 IDR
TOTAL NET: -13,135,000 IDR


Flight to San Francisco: 4634 HKD

Total: 5234 HKD
Earnings: 0 HKD
Net: -5234 HKD

ASIA NET: -13,599.00 HKD
TOTAL NET: -17,236.70 HKD
TOTAL NET excepting nothing: -38,111.75 HKD

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