Who New YorKoming to my Gig? Day 1 by Basak Otus

Terrence dropped by New York City and on the third day of his arrival, he said, “Let there be my new CD.” The release party to go along with that was at Kirk’s apartment at 86th and Lexington. As people started to drop by and made themselves comfortable on the couch (and eventually on the floor), Terrence’s performance began.

Here, I have to take a step back and admit that this was actually the first time that I heard Terrence sing. Yet it took me no more than a few seconds to realize that my freshman year pre-orientation counselor has a uniquely beautiful and comforting voice. He played some well known songs, including the Mario Kart Love Song (one of our favorites), but I was most impressed by those that he composed himself, such as his Forever and a Day. Terrence is a truly talented musician.

The artistic beauty of the night was accompanied by a generally chill environment and Terrence’s entertaining interaction with the audience. In-between the songs, we had a chance to hear more about Terrence’s life as a musician and his stories from his travels all over the globe.

Terrence’s release party turned out to be a perfect Friday night for all of us, and I’m already looking forward to his next visit to the city.

Earnings: $20.00, 2 hours
Song of the Day: Forever & a Day – Terrence Ho

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