When in Rome, Day 1

Tuesday, May 20th. Terrence’s first pitch in years. Thoughts from his brother. Short sentences.

Terrence and I had started the day by saying goodbye to our dearest mother as she took the train to the airport, although in reality, I said goodbye to her while he slept his face off. After we reattached his face to his body, we went wandering aboot Rome and did stuffs before we went to a horrible hostel. And finally, he played music in the streets at poor unsuspecting bystanders. Long sentences.

Setting the scene: Dusk. Verrrry pictueresque. Good quiet location. Three people chatting on arrival. Consent asked for and given for “sonar”-ing the violin. Violin played. Tips from passersby. Mass confusion. Sentence fragments.

As I had never seen Terrence played in the street before, this was a first for me. Apparently he gets nervous before playing in public in front of random people (I had just assumed that he had balls of steel and IDGAF-ed). These nerves did show themselves as there was some uncleanliness in bowings that don’t appear when he is playing by himself. But still, I was pleasantly surprised.

It seems that Terrence’s skill at making screechy noises while pulling horse remains across metal wires has improved greatly. I have heard many horrible buskers, and Terrence was not one of them (I have also heard many mediocre buskers, and he was not one of those either). His repertoire was good and completely memorized, allowing him to make eye contact with his audience while he was playing. The acoustics of the street that he picked were nice. The music was played well and tastefully. The time was right. The sky was not peeing on us. My tummy was full. Life was good.

Sadly, not much money (according to him) was procured. But there were few passers-by, which really just sucks for them rather than sucks for him, as he was definitely superior to most of horrible buskers that one generally finds in cities around the world – you know, that whole 20+ years of practice thing. (although people will always stop to watch someone spraypainting things though) Anyway, one woman stopped to listen from her window. Some coins dropped from a window above. Twas nice. Etc.

All in all, it was quite a beautiful performance. The music was good; the city was being cute and lovely; the italians was being friendly; etc. Not a thing was missi

Tewwence’s Bwenty.


Earnings: 4,82€, 45 minutes

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