Lerici we roll along

LERICI – you (or y’all) mayn’t have heard of it, but it is a quite cute rittle Italian town near La Spezia. Quite cute. Its adowable!

Anyhoo, Terrence and I had arrived to La Spezia on the 25th of May. We ate our faces off, met our Couchsurfers, and went to their super nice home on a hill above Lerici. (They and their home were so nice, in fact, that we spent the next day doing nothing in their home :D. (They were the kind of people that have traveled the world, figured out what they want, and have gone and gotten it. Inspiring to say the least (more nested parentheses)))

The night of the 26th, we attempted to cook them food. Unfortunately the food (my half at least) was barely edible, and for this I am extremely sorry. :'(. Moop.

On the 27th we went to La Spezia but stopped for a while in Lerici first. In which (this is the part that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for!) Terrence busked! Hooray!

Terrence found a cute* litte street (very puppy) upon which to play, and broke out his violin. After a bit, an old dude dropped some cash (money green) from a window above, and a woman from a fruit store donated a bit too. But then it started drizzling: Terrence frantically packed up his violin, and we went to go eat. We looked at the clouds and decided that it was probably going to rain for the rest of the day.

Food was the remainder of our fail dinner. Edible, but barely. Though the view made up for it. Italy being Italy. And beautiful.

Since we are awesome weathermen, the rain stopped in a half hour, and the sun appeared briefly. Thus we returned to the street. Terrence played more. I took pictures at his behest. (It was the best!) A puppy lady came out on to her doorstep to wait for a ride and kept us company for a while. Terrence improved in G-minor (or so he tells me) and money flowed like spice. The old puppy dude listened more. Twas quite preasant.

And then we took some buses (more than we should have, sadly) to La Spezia, and the rest of our extremely slow travels through North Italy.


* perhaps I’m using the word “cute” too much, but I cant help it. From now on, I’ll use the word “puppy” instead.

Earnings: 10,15€, 1.2 hours

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