Loro Ciuffenna OP

Side note from Brenty:

When Terrence and I stayed in Montevarchi (staying with our friend Cesare, as he is one of the most hilarious peoples we have ever met), we went to a little town called Loro Ciuffenna. It was stupidly beautiful. There was a little stream running through a mini canyon in the pueblecito. There were miniature islands, trees (TWEES), beautiful rain clouds, other things, and Oxford commas. SOOOO PWETTTYYYY.

In other news, I asked Cesare and his friend how old the place was, and this was the conversation:

Cesare: Oh, I think it is pretty old. Like 12th-13th century.
Me: Wow.
Mario: actually, I think it might be older.
(Looks up on phone)
Mario: Yeah, looks Roman.
Me: Holy balls old.
Mario: Wait, never mind, Etruscan.
Me: Wat.

Soooooo yeah. A beautiful rittle town in Italy that is over 2000 years old. (at least according to Livy, which is mind blowing in itself). And not even a tourist attraction. Italy OP.

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