Brent’s amazing tummy

Before we continue with the remaining month of busking and traveling in Spain et al., I must explain one of the great wonders of the universe. This object defies most natural laws. Never full and never empty. I am speaking, of course, of Brent’s Amazing Tummy.

Terrence likes to eat. Brent likes to eat. Brent and Terrence like to eat together. In fact we have a rather unhealthy relationship as we make fun of each other for being fat every couple minutes, then pressure each other into eating larger and larger quantities of food. Such as my no leftovers policy in Chicago. In Arco we’d walk into a Pizza restaurant after a long day of climbing and Brent figured we’d order 4 margaritas and a pasta. I decided this was a bad idea and brokered him down to 3 pizzas (with toppings). I couldn’t finish my portion and asked for help. “Aiuto!?” Brent complied.

Aiuto came in handy quite often. Can’t finish my half of the paella? “Aiuto!?” Struggling with a hunk of meat? “Aiuto!?” With this wonderful garbage disposal at my.. disposal, we ended up spending rather a lot of money on food. If you ever get the chance to witness this wonder in action, I suggest you make the most of it.

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