Pais Pintxos (Vasco) (Basque Country)

Hm. I am beginning to fall behind on my post frequency. So I’ll very quickly sum up our overall experience of Spain. Barcelona was Disneyland. Awful, wonderful, functional. Pais Vasco felt like North Europe. Cold, drizzly weather, cold people with sophisticated tastes, high prices, clean, ordered streets, and regular work hours. The rest of Spain doesn’t function at all.

I played my violin a total of 20 minutes in all of Pais Vasco, as the sudden change in climate made it sound awful – tinny, muffled, lifeless – and I couldn’t bear to play it. Our host Félix took us to a square and asked me to play it there, but after playing just three or four songs out there I couldn’t go on, and was subsequently overcome with worry about it’s health. I like to liken it to a baby. Small, shrill, loud, expensive, squeaks if you touch it wrong, temperamental, delicate… basically the same thing.

We went to Pais Vasco for the Pintxos, not the people. Pintxos did not disappoint. Pintxos are what everyone thinks tapas are. Here are a bunch of them. As an apology for the brevity of this post, I will update old posts with photos. And there was much rejoicing.

Earnings: 0,00€, 0.25 hours

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