The first post

Hello world,
Seeing as I hardly have internet access – no computer and no idea where I’ll be when, this blog is probably a wishful idea. The idea is to chronicle the yuck and the awesome of busking – total transparency – for future buskers, friends, etc. I’ll hopefully post songs as I record them with my mum’s dinky recording device as I go, too. The writing will err on the less personal side than I usually write. I think for every post I’ll have a busking song of the day and some thoughts on locations and ways I can improve.

A big part of whether I put in the effort to continue this blog will be the feedback. Comments on the songs, on the tips, etc. So please, please, please leave something if you read, eh?


3 thoughts on “The first post

  1. I'm firstttt. And I'll read! Good to hear from you, CASA daddy dearest. Hope Europe — and the wide wide world in general — is fantabulous!


  2. I salute you, wish I had the balls to do something like this. You should hit up North Idaho sometime; there's a pretty big hippie scene in Sandpoint, from what I hear. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you along with your quest.


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