Excerpts from Copenhagen (København), Day 1

I arrived in Copenhagen rather late (5.11.10), my flight was rather delayed from Iceland’s Volcano problems. I’d also forgotten my coat on the plane, so once I retrieved it I raced off to meet Darell at Gammeltorv, the fountain near her school. Luckily, she was still there. After some introductions, Darell and I decided to just have a go and sing a bit, right there. No money, and it was only like a few songs. We walked down Strøget and tried across from an H&M, but a hotdog stand owner shooed us on. A little later, we tried by Gammeltorv again, facing the traffic passing down the main thoroughfare.

A nice street vendor in the square was very encouraging and gave us some pointers. I suppose it helps his business, too, to have music nearby. Anyhow, it was a disappointed excursion. Many of the people looked suspicious or incredulous and not many smiled. Mostly a fail.

Earnings: ~5 DKK?
Song of the day: How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin

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