Excerpts from Copenhagen (København), Day 3

So it was sunny today (5.17.10). Thank God. And that changed everything. I started off at Kongens Nytorv, around 2pm? As soon as I started playing – The Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart – a man in his early thirties smiled broadly, slowed and dropped me some change. With the sun out I am much more confident and I can smile. Even when people look at me dubiously. A lot of people sat and listened (surreptitiously or so they thought). It was a good, bright hour. An asian man was appreciative when I sang him Ue Wo Muite Arukou. When I sang Yesterday, three business paused their walk and continued their discussion right in front of me. I was confused but kept playing. After they’d reached some sort of agreement, they smiled at me, sang along and tipped me.

After a break, I went back to the Round Tower pitch. A street vendor selling sunglasses lit up immediately when I started to play, and even left his desk to give me a tip after a few songs. And when a little girl hung out in front of me for a while and her mother didnt give her anything to give to me, the street vendor smiled at her and gave her a 2 kroner piece to give me. Wonderful man. The day ended in an off fashion, however, as a drunk man nearly stumbled into me, started hugging me and kissing my clothes and then begging me – all this while I was trying to continue… I shrugged him off as gently as I could as I packed up – I had to meet Darell – bid farewell to the street vendor and went off to her friend’s homestay, where I led a happy night of singing.

Earnings: ~130 DKK, ~2.5 hours
Song of the Day: Yesterday – The Beatles

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