Excerpts from Copenhagen (København), Day 2

I woke late today (5.14.10) with a rather discouraging start. I spent a long time wandering back and forth down Strøget, only to find every likely spot taken by some group already. There was a 3 piece band by Amagertorv swapping off with a 2 piece band. The John Mayer at 50 lookalike was at his usual post near H&M, a couple of Russian instrumentalists playing some ridiculously large balalaika-esque thing further west and a 5 piece band at Gammeltorv. East of Amagertorv was a spray painter playing music on his speakerset and an instrumental guitarist.

After nervously looking around a long bit, I set up on a triangle shaped pitch by some bike racks, but after just two songs I was waved on by the shop owners, who informed me sternly I wasnt to play except in Gammeltorv, at least until five. At this point I was ready to pack it in. That’s when I ran into Darell and her friends, which saved me. She took me near the Round Tower, on Købmagergade. There, opposite a bookstore with some rowdy kids in the small square behind me, I proceeeded to have a good hour. It was dismally cold, gray, and my spirits were rather low, but I did all right monetarily.

After today I wished for an amp. But then I realized I’d have to modify my guitar, get a permit, pay for batteries…. But then, without one, am I killing the little voice I have?

Earnings: 60 DKK, ~1 hour
Song of the day: I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

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