I (Hate) New York, Day 2

It can be very discouring out on the streets here. I’ve noticed that if I worry about how much money I’m getting (and so often, I am) then I do much worse. It’s this unconscious glance into the guitar case, or a pitiful pleading cast to my gaze. Unfortunately, it’s something of a catch-22. I’m no good at getting energy from nowhere, and I quickly run out of my initial enthusiasm if no one so much as smiles at me (which is very New York). It’s hard not to feel slighted as people pass. And that starts this evil cycle where I’m not having so much fun and the passersby aren’t either (probably).

This was summed up perfectly today (6.4.10) by a woman who passed me as I sang Here Comes the Sun by City Hall Park. She smiled broadly when she doubled back, saying, “How could I resist, with that smile?” So it’s in the smile, the demeanor, the energy. Not the talent.

Other notes for today – a good interaction with a fellow busker – spray painter – who wished me luck even though he’d taken the prime spot. Meeting up with Sheikh and singing him the Sound of Silence as I remembered it was one of his favorites was also wonderful.

Earnings: ~$12
Song of the Day: Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

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