I (Hate) New York, Day 3

Today (6.6.10) I busked as a “group” for the first time. Maria (who I wish I could convince to come to Europe with me) and I basically made things up on the spot for about an hour. We set up a pitch at Columbus Circle, at the tip of the tiered steps. It was a fun hour. We were completely unrehearsed, had no “act” and made practically no eye contact with passersby at all. Most of the time we spent looking at each other and figuring things out. We’d end abruptly or repeat the verse endlessly, or the chorus. At the beginning we played some Low Strung things where I just backed her when she told me what chords to play and later on we played some of my covers.

It was an entirely different experience. I felt very comfortable and sustainable – I could play that way all day because it didn’t tax my voice at all and I could simply take a backseat – provide a rhythm and moral support so she could showcase her tremendous talent. It also helps that she’s female – that is proven to double earnings.

Our best response was from a middle aged gentleman who told us he’d graduated from the Vienna Conservatory, and wondered where we’d graduated from, assuming some Music school. That was flattering and the conversation was lovely. He loved Maria’s dexterity and vibrato, and amusingly to me loved “our music” – we’d just played Hit Me Baby One More Time. Very encouraging.

Earnings: ~$16.20, ~1 hour
Song of the Day: Hit Me Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

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