Imagine if I had two

As promised, here’s a full disclosure of my finances in Scandinavia thus far. All of them. As you’ll see, the way I’ve broken even (excepting my self-declared ‘holiday’ in Stamsund) owes more to my thrift than my income. For reference I’m including the price of a half liter of beer (which seems to be the most telling) in each location. One may convert my earnings for the day into dollars and think I’m doing alright but when you realize how much things cost… you may just understand. I’m very proud of myself for how I’ve handled my finances thus far, so voila.

So the story behind the title of this post comes from a conversation my two brothers apparently had while traveling through Greece together some years back, which was related to me later by them. Kevin remarked, “The thing about Terrence is his dollar goes far.” Brent rejoined with, “Yea. Imagine if he had two.” Sadly, both are rather true.

Helsinki, Beer – €5:

Travel Card: €42,10
Bed at NanO’s: €40,00
Groceries: €11,00
Pizza, twice: €7,50
Stationary: €2,20
Batteries: €2,30
Water bottle: €1,00
Flight to Stockholm: €32,00
Exchange: €0,60

Total: €138,70
Earnings: €200.64
Net: +€61.94

TOTAL NET: +€61.94

Stockholm, Beer – 54 SEK:

Travel Card: 260 SEK
Two additional metro tickets: 60 SEK
Forex: 45 SEK
Groceries: 182 SEK
Acco Hostel: 160 SEK
Swebus to Oslo: 345 SEK

Total: 1052 SEK
Earnings: 800 SEK
Net: -252 SEK

TOTAL NET: +330,39 SEK

Oslo/Edane, Beer – 80 NOK, no I’m not kidding:

Travel Card: 210 NOK
Hostel thrice: 660 NOK
Groceries: 68 NOK
Forex: 45 NOK
Train to Bergen: 290 NOK
Kon-Tiki Museet Admission: 40 NOK
Norwegian Wood: 129 NOK

Total: 1442 NOK
Earnings: 603,5 NOK
Net: -838,5 NOK

TOTAL NET: -560,72 NOK

Bergen, Beer: 65 NOK:

Bus fare, five times: 125 NOK
Groceries: 124 NOK
Ice Cream with Ranveig: 55 NOK
Train to Bodø: 399 NOK
Ferry to Lofoten: 170 NOK
Mynthol chews: 8,5 NOK

Total: 881,5 NOK
Earnings: 1560 NOK
Net: +678,5 NOK

TOTAL NET: +117,78 NOK

Stamsund, Beer – 70 NOK:

Hostel, five nights: 675 NOK
Groceries: 20 NOK
Batteries: 30 NOK
Bus to Evenes Airport: 177 NOK
Flight to København: 732 NOK

Total: 1634 NOK
Earnings: 0 NOK
Net: -1634 NOK

TOTAL NET: -1516,22 NOK

København, Beer – 45 DKK (average that I saw, not Nørrebro):

Travel Clip Card: 135 DKK
Groceries: 157 DKK
Laundry: 29 DKK
Hostel: 105 DKK
Strings: 80 DKK
Flight to Wien: 315 DKK

Total: 821 DKK
Earnings: 1004,25 DKK
Net: +183,25 DKK

TOTAL NET: -1245,86 DKK or -€199,80
TOTAL NET excepting Stamsund: +294,26 DKK or +€29,49

Other gifts: Journal, sheets, camera, watch, tea, guitar strings discount, food…

Here’s to hoping I continue to break even.


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