What, I write songs too? Part II

Let me take this non-narrational post to make an appeal, once again, for feed-back. In writing so profusely, here and in my couch surfing requests and many letters I feel sometimes a little empty, a little conceited in importing myself so much to no obvious response. What I’ve been doing is extremely difficult for me – the ups and downs, the loneliness, the lack of stability. I haven’t remained in one place for more than 13 days for just over three months.

Now, to the content. First off, I’ve uploaded:

I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Streets of London
Such Great Heights
and another recording of I’m Yours
and Your Song

And the following is the second song I’ve written – I started it waiting at DUH Urgent Care in September in a rather… pining mood. Link here.

Look Up

It’s raining, and I miss you.
In each drop, I see you.
Your lips are pursed in contemplation,
And your eyes dart stubbornly at the pavement.

And I know with every breath that you don’t hear me.
I can see how hard you try but you can’t want me.
But as the rain pours down and I, I think about you,
I know that I should wait for you.

I know that I can wait for you.

It’s freezing, and I want you.
I’m dying to hold you.
But you’re so far away from me, you’re blind.
Though you try to make your heart see with your mind.


I know that I must wait for you.

The leaves outside are kissed grey by the sky,
And when you turn your head I must ask why.
The redness of the bricks have dulled to ochre,
But your raining voice keeps my green and red alive.



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