A Gain in Gainesville, Day 7.5

So as I noted in my gig last night (which I shall presently include a post about) I’ve been somewhat rather marooned in Gainesville. There are many reasons for this and I thought I’d explain a few of them for those getting bored with the lack of travel and the long-windedness of my posts.

The principal reason why I’ll continue to be stuck here is my mother’s less than ideal health. I’ve stayed up till today so as to play last night’s gig – I was very keen on playing with Erica Britt (she ended up not making it, more on that in the post to come). I also took advantage of having a computer for now a month to catch up on all the electronic duties I needed to perform – create a business card, make mini-merch (bookmarkers with images of various art pieces I’ve made), make a website, pursue rights for the covers I sing, etc.

I’ve been largely successful in accomplishing these goals save the last. Due to the slowness of things on the end of the licensing agencies it’s been quite a trip even reaching the right people to get synchronization licenses from – these are the licenses one requires to stream a cover on MySpace, ReverbNation, FaceBook, or YouTube. Isn’t it funny how all these sites go by two words jammed together yet and both capitalized? One is run about in circles trying to find the appopriate number/email/fax to contact so as to start obtaining the rights, only to discover the cost for the rights to one song amounts to $200. Which gave me pause. As such I’ve decided to pursue the rights to just one – Kids. I may try for another but I can’t decide between the 17 other tracks I recorded – I could use your help on this (breaking the 4th wall!), if you’d like the files email or comment and I’ll send you what I have to peruse.

I’m also considering production of a limited set of CDs to go with my busking and gigging, the mechanical licenses of which I’m in the process of being ready to procure. (That was a convoluted statement). If those readers who remain would be so kind to advise if they’d be interested in such an item, I would be most grateful. There’s a funny story to go with this license obtaining process. The files I innocently shared through this blog sat quite undisturbed and unnoticed until I started asking for ways to appropriately pay the rights. Thereupon I received a notice from Blogger about DMCA rules and the removal of a post to draft status, followed by a notice from Box.net about the same song – Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I find it a funny way to penalize someone for trying to do things correctly. You’ll notice the blog is now bereft of all song files save my originals.

Finally, the EP I recorded with Maria’s great assistance in Denver shall hopefully be completed sometime in March. Check my website (feedback on everything, please!) for updates. Hope I don’t sound like a sellout.


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