A Gain in Gainesville, Day 8

Please excuse the extreme tardiness of this post. I am awaiting a guest post to be written about my gig at the Civic Media Center two Saturdays back, my best to date. Despite two of the other artists not showing up – one due to sickness, the other due to flakiness, I had a wonderful time. I’d been most looking forward to playing a show with the girl who caught ill, Erica Britt. The way it panned out, however, the lineup for this show ended up identical to that of Tuesday. Luckily I had an audience willing to stick out the first artist – family friends in their 60s and 70s and my friends in their 20s. At any rate, I felt I might post the videos and graphics in this entry rather than saving them for later. But do check back for Evan’s post.

Sadly, not so loved as the Laboratory Poster. But this one I designed.

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